Courier Service Starting Price ₹ 49 only

Terms & Conditions

Applicability: The provision set out and referred hereunder (in this shipper) shall apply to transportation through any modes and shall not be restricted to one mode of transport only.



Assurance of Delivery:-

All shipments carry an “Assured date of delivery “except the shipments booked under STANDARD Product. The assurance is subject to the following:-



Online Payment

All online payment shall be made towards the services rendered by Reliable Courier Service. All such transactions shall be deemed to be accepted only when the due amount shall be credited in the account of the Company. Unless, the Company has agreed through a written agreement signed by an authorized representative of the Company and subject to our credit approval policy, payment will be due on the due date mentioned in the invoice. If an invoice is not paid on or before the said due date, such invoice shall be subject to an interest payable @ 2% per month levied/charged from the date of said amount is due or payable until the full payment is made to the Company.

In case of cancellation of the booking after making an online payment 50% refund of the amount shall be paid after 30 days from the date of payment credited in the account of the Company.